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Holland Ponds
In 2001, the State of Michigan deeded the 200-acre parcel now known as Holland Ponds to Shelby Township. Once part of the State’s Rochester-Utica Recreation Area, the area was named in honor of Don Holland, former Township Assessor and Chairman of the Building Authority who was instrumental in the planning of Shelby Township’s properties, specifically its park system.

Part of a clean-up project by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, this area which is adjacent to thre former G & H Landfill and backs up to Yates Cider Mill, was once considered lost because of toxic waste. Due to the clean-up efforts it has made a tremendous come-back, and is now home to a number of thriving animals, fish, and plant-life. Visitors regularly see proof of its success in the variety of flourishing wildlife such as Blue Heron, Green heron, Great Blue Heron, Little Green Heron & Great Egret that choose Holland Ponds to make their nests.


Located on the west side of Ryan Road, just north of 22 Mile Road, Holland Ponds features a number of connected ponds and nature paths as well as a picnic shelter and an overlook for for the heron nesting area.
Lillypad Pond

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