Photo courtesy of Captured in Time Photography

Photo courtesy of Captured in Time Photography
Hope Chapel in Winter

Historic Hope Chapel

For wedding ceremony reservation information or for civic group meeting usage, please phone 586-731-0300 or e-mail

The Historic Hope Chapel was built in the 1890s as Hope United
Methodist Church and its original home was on the west side of
Van Dyke Avenue, just north of 24 Mile Road.  In 2001 it was
moved from that site and placed on the Shelby Township
Municipal Grounds (52700 Van Dyke Avenue, east side, south
of 24 Mile Road) next to the Andrews School House Museum. 
Thanks to several generous donations of funding and labor, the
Chapel has been renovated, and is available for wedding
ceremonies year around except for Holidays that the Township
offices are closed and during special events.
Amenities Available

Electricity/Heat/Air Conditioning
11’ 6” x 11’ 6” Wedding Party Preparation Room
2 Restrooms
Podium for Speaker/Clergy (secured to floor)
Sound System with CD player and remote
Small Table for Your Unity Candle
Seating for 80 People - NO EXTRA CHAIRS ALLOWED due to fire safety regulations
Fully accessible to handicapped visitors

Shelby/Utica Residents    $335          Non-Residents    $435
Includes 2 ½ hours for ceremony and 1 hour rehearsal on Thursday
The Rental Fee is collected at time of reservation. 
Cash, Check, VISA or MasterCard accepted.

Reservation Policy
Bookings for the upcoming year will be accepted beginning the first business day
in September.  Through the month of September, reservations must be booked in
person at the Shelby Township Parks, Recreation & Maintenance Department. 
Beginning the first business day of October, reservations may also be made by phone or fax with a $5 contract mailing fee added to the total price for reservation.

  The office staff is not authorized to hold reservations without payment.  The person that reserves the Chapel (Contractor) is financially responsible for any damages incurred.

Reservation Times
The Chapel is scheduled in the following time increments only
and reflects the earliest entry and latest exit times for the wedding
party, florist, or any other persons involved in wedding.  Early entry
on the day before or day of wedding for decorating or any other
purpose is strictly prohibited.

4:00-6:30 pm ONLY 
Noon-2:30 pm 
3:00-5:30 pm  
6:00-8:30 pm

Date Changes
Requests for date and/or time change must be submitted in writing by the contractor to ensure accountability.  

No FULL or PARTIAL REFUNDS will be issued for any reason. 
Transfer of contract into another contractor name is also prohibited.


The second weekend of August (Friday, Saturday, and
Sunday) is not available due to the Shelby           Township Art Fair.  Other dates may not be available based on Township events or programs.
Tape, nails, staples, or any other damaging materials cannot be used to decorate. 
Flowers or other decorations should be free standing ONLY.
Unity Candles (on the table provided) are the ONLY candles permitted in the Chapel. 
All decorations and rubbish must be removed immediately after Chapel use. 
No birdseed, paper confetti, or animals are allowed in Hope Chapel or on the grounds.  Acceptable alternatives
are bubbles or flower petals outdoors.  No real flower petals in the Chapel - outdoors only.
For safety and liability reasons isle runners are not permitted in the Chapel.


An optional one-hour free rehearsal is available for the wedding party to finalize plans and for the Chapel Attendant to go over procedures and answer questions.  Rehearsal time may be reserved on Thursdays only between 3:00 and 9:00 pm.  All rehearsals MUST be booked with Shelby Parks, Recreation and Maintenance Department personnel prior to the rehearsal date.

Professional Services
The bridal party is responsible for scheduling their own officiant,
photographer and any other professional services.
  Our Chapel
Attendant will arrive approximately 5-10 minutes prior to your rehearsal
and ceremony to open the building, adjust the temperature, monitor the
building, and attend to any building related issues.

Ministers/Clergy Members
Each party is responsible for contracting a member of the clergy or other
official to perform their ceremony.  As a courtesy, the Shelby Parks,
Recreation and Maintenance Department has compiled a list of
clergypersons who will perform ceremonies at the Chapel.  The list is
available upon request.  Shelby Township is not responsible for, nor does
it endorse any of these persons.  You may choose to contract with any of
them, or hire someone of your own preference.

Heritage Ga
rden Use
Renting the Hope Chapel does not automatically give you usage rights to
Heritage Garden.  The Garden is booked separately for pictures.  Please
contact the Parks, Recreation and Maintenance Department Office at
586-731-0300 for fees and to make reservations.

Civic Groups
Reservations Required (no charge) 
Meeting Room and Chapel Area are available on a limited basis.
Available Monday through Wednesday from 6-9:30 pm to Shelby Township or Utica Residents or Resident
Groups ONLY


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